Cullar of Clan Charix


Barbarian 4 / Rogue 3

Longtooth Shifter

Above average intelligence

Exotic Weapon Proficiency Fullblade


Cullar was the second to The Clan Chief of Clan Charix, and leader of the clans elite strike force. He became concerned when his brother became The Clan Chief and continued the brutal terrorism of the previous Clan Chief. After a group of Brelish explorers were captured and were deemed adequate sacrifices against the Aundairian military, Cullar and his wife Alirdra decided to free them and flee the clan.

They brought their son Content Not Found: gur along with them and found themselves in Sharn a few months later. Enticed by the explorers tales of a game called Hrazhak, Cullar joined a newly formed team and quickly found himself as captain. Along with Alirdra he managed to get enough recognition that sponsors from the upper wards provided them with the means to focus on the sport.

He quickly led the team to numerous victories and a spot on the top circuit. He and Alirdra are now retired from active play and coach their team which is now ranked 36 of the top 100 teams in the city. He and a number of other team leaders have been pushing other cities with a shifter population to adopt the sport and wants to make it a dominant event throughout all of Khorvaire.

Cullar of Clan Charix

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