• Basic Dude

    Basic Dude

    Basic Character Template
  • Crunch


    A grizzled veteran of War of the Five Nations lost in a new age
  • Expeditious Prison

    Expeditious Prison

    IX's Constructed Homunculous that houses his various personalites
  • Gur of Clan Charix

    Gur of Clan Charix

    A tall, young male shifter with an enormous sword straped to his back.
  • Haaldisath


    White Dragon female and mother of three, who makes her territory in the seawall mountains.
  • IX-X


    IX-X Pronounced Hicks
  • Rhuun Zekhaar

    Rhuun Zekhaar

    Ruus Dhakaan's royal vizier
  • Ruus Dhakaan

    Ruus Dhakaan

    Leader of the Kech Shaarat clan
  • Slash


    A tall, dull, unremarkable mithral warforged. His massive sword draws more attention than he does.
  • The Lord of Blades

    The Lord of Blades

    Large, ferocious Warforged covered in sharp blades.
  • Thenehir


    A middle-aged Elf Wizard who teaches at Morgrave University in Sharn