IX-X Pronounced Hicks


A warforged scout of many personalities fused into one, this construct was destroyed early in the year 998 yk and his consciousness(es) transferred to another warforged who roams the mournland in search of answers.


I-X was part of a larger experimental War forged Regiment. Initially the was tasked as a hive mind that surrounded a war forged Titan Siege engine. He along with 9 other war forged shared a psychic link that allowed them to communicate in real time and share vision. Upon the day of Mourning the 10 were trapped inside of a laboratory in CYR returning from their initial field tests. After a botched intrusion the lab was leveled after the Eldritch machine that ran their creation forge exploded and consumed everything for miles. All that was left of the lab and creation forge was a giant crater and a lone scout War Forged. The smallest of his unit, Inside however remained the other 9 personalities. Thus began the tale of I-X 10 in one. The body maintained the skills of the artificer, a talented artificer specifically built to scale and buff the titan was imbued with the knowledge of their creation. After wandering the mournlands he had heard of a war forged the lord of blades. Thus began ix’s quest to remove his brothers from his tiny body, or so he thought.

I-X and his brethren are considered immortal. When their physical form perishes they leap into the closest available construct host. Gathering more personalities. It has been rumored that the consciousness could in fact be the becoming god.


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